We stock a wide and ever-growing range of different colours and materials.

Our filament range includes:

  • eSUN ABS, ABS+, Luminous Glow-in-Dark, eLASTIC Flexible TPE, TPU, PETG, PLA+, Glass, Bamboo, Silk, Marble, and Nylon; 
  • Polyalchemy Elixer and FX; 
  • Prusament PLA/PETG
  • Sainsmart-equivalent TPU.

If that’s overwhelming, check out our colour guide or contact us!

Click the links below to explore. Our personal favourite at the moment is Polyalchemy Elixer.

Slice Engineering, Prusa, E3D and other parts and accessories

We stock Slice Engineering parts, including the Mosquito Hotend and Mosquito Magnum Hotend.

We also are proud to stock a wide range of PRUSA spare parts and a broad range of other 3D printing parts and accessories including E3D products

Browse these using the links below, and as always please contact us if there is something you’d like but can’t find.