Yes! We can help with your personal design needs. You might already have a file (e.g. STL, STP, IGES, OBJ, WRL, ZIP). You can send it to us to print. Or you might have just a vision in your head. We can help turn that into a 3D printed model. 

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We sell filament, nozzles, and all sorts of parts, including genuine E3D parts and parts for Prusa printers. Our filament range includes eSUN ABS, ABS+, Luminous Glow-in-Dark, eLASTIC Flexible TPE, TPU, PETG, PLA+, Glass, Bamboo, Silk, Marble, and Nylon; Polyalchemy Elixer and FX; Prusament PLA/PETG, and Sainsmart-equivalent TPU.

If that’s overwhelming, check out our colour guide or contact usBrowse our online store to see the full range of parts we carry. 

Our customers say we have the fastest shipping they’ve experienced in the industry.
We mail Australia wide and internationally. Our postage is lightening fast. Alternatively, come and visit us in our store in Somersby, NSW Australia.

Engineering & Industrial Design

This is one of the most exciting applications of additive manufacturing. 3D Printing allows for quicker prototypes at lower cost than other processes and is used in product design e.g. consumer goods and automotive parts, as well as terrain modelling, architecture, consumer goods.

If you already have design files, we are able to create models within hours and ship them to you at lightening pace, to accelerate your design processes.Or hire our expert designer to help you create CAD files and turn your ideas, dreams and sketches into reality. 

"Because we can create products very rapidly, it's been used by product designers, or anyone who wanted to prototype a product and very quickly create or reiterate a design."
Lisa Harouni
TEDSalon London


We sell a range of our own designs, especially gear for Drones and FPV racing (our other passion).

This includes arm guards + frame protectionGoPro + camera mounts, VTX + antenna mountsbattery protectionand more.


Phaser 3D printing operates out of a small business on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. We’ve been 3D printing as a hobby, passion, and business since 2017 and enjoy bringing our considerable expertise to challenging design and creating projects, to turn dreams into reality and solve problems for people. Phaser3D is part of the PhaserFPV business and we find that 3D printing and drones make a great combination.