Our passion

Phaser3D Printing operates out of a business on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia called PhaserFPV.

Rhys Evans, the founder of PhaserFPV and Phaser computers, became interested in 3D Printing as a hobby in late 2017. As tends to happen with Rhys, this passion became a business idea and Phaser3D Printing was born in January 2018. Our resident design and 3D Printing expert Ben Schippers joined the team in February.

Since then we have designed and printed around 200 of our own products, and served over 100 clients with their custom design requests.

We differentiate ourselves from other shops and overseas by offering the following value:

1.  We use and test all the products we sell and therefore we can recommend and help you with any questions you may have. We only sell what delivers consistently excellent results.

2. We offer express shipping and mail items the same day the order is received. Buy today, get tomorrow.

3. You can walk into our store and see all the products available on this website.

4. Fast RA Support. Something broken, your order incorrect? Send us an email and we will sort it usually within 24 hours.

5. Immediate Contact. Most emails get a reply within an hour!

We currently run 18 printers, consisting of 15 Prusa MK3’s, 2 Prusa Minis and a Prusa SL1 SLA Printer. This allows us to cater for print requests at short notice, because while these busy workhorses run almost around the clock, there is always one just about to finish its print.

We’re looking forward to continuing to expand and grow. The 3D Printing world is an exciting one, and we’re excited to find ourselves at the cutting edge. We’re hoping you can become part of our story – send us your design request, we’d love to help you to solve problems and make the world a better place.

Click here to read the story of PhaserFPV and Phaser Computers, our sister businesses.


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