Slice Engineering now available in Australia at Phaser 3D Printing

We are excited to announce that Phaser3D now stocks and sells the Slice Engineering range of 3D Printing parts. We’re excited to bring these awesome pieces of technology to Australia!

Review: Why the Mosquito Hotend is worth it

Let’s be honest. Slice Engineering parts are expensive, even compared to (for example) genuine E3D parts. Partly that’s because they are all designed and made in the USA, which gives us enormous confidence in their quality. 

But it’s not just that. Here’s why we think the Mosquito Hot End is worth the price:

1. No mucking around. The Slice Engineering team hated the process of changing a nozzle on a standard hot end. It sucks. So they completely redesigned the hotend to make it possible to change the nozzle with one hand (one tool)! That’s not a joke. You don’t have to grasp the hot block, and you won’t knock a thermistor out. It really is the easiest change there is. 

2. Print faster. Their redesign features a superior heat break, which conducts 85% less heat into the heat sink than normal threaded heat breaks. This allows for a smaller and more lightweight set up, which means the print head can move around quicker. Additionally their new design allows for filament to pass through it much faster with fewer issues, allowing (again) for faster prints. 

3. Prints that are more consistent and more beautiful. The superior heat break allows a more consistent print temperature to be maintained. This means your print will be more consistent and hold its structure better. 

You can adapt the Mosquito Hotend and Mosquito Magnum to almost any printer, which means you can improve your existing printer without spending thousands more.

Buy now at Phaser3D!

Check out Slice Engineering’s website for more information on these and other features!

As you can tell we are really excited about this new product and we’re excited to be able to bring it to Australia. We do not drop ship from China, leaving you with long wait times. Instead, all our products are held in stock in our store in NSW, Australia ready to be shipped the same day you order (if ordered before 1pm). Click here to browse our range, and with our fast delivery you could be taking your printing to the next level this week.

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