The Prusa i3 MK3

We love this printer. So much that we bought 12 of them. 

Why do we love it you ask? Because it just works. They are the workhorse of Phaser3D and their usability is unlike anything else within the same price range.

The Prusa Mk3 has many features similar to the Lulzbot Taz 6 or Ultimaker 2+ but without the added costs. This is due to their rugged design using rigid metal components where needed and 3D printed parts for everything else. But don’t think that because it has printed parts that it isn’t rigid – it is! You can start a print whilst its suspended in mid-air with bungee cord and the print will still come out perfect.

Some other features of the Prusa include automatic bed levelling, self-calibration for all X, Y and Z axes, silent printing with in-built TMC2130 stepper drivers and a setup wizard like no other. 

The build volume of the printer is  210x250x210 which is plenty big enough for 95% of the prints we do here and for majority of the people who own them. If anything is too big, you can easily break it into pieces and glue it back together after printing. 

The removable PEI bed is one of the main upgrades of the Mk3 from the Mk2 and makes removing any print 10x easier without damaging the prints with a spatula or destroying your bed with hairspray or glue. Your prints will stick perfectly every time with a clean surface and with the powder coated bed it will create a first layer than doesn’t even look like its been printed!

See some of the awesome prints we do with our Prusa’s over at Phaser3D’s Instagram page and show us some of your prints!

Here’s a great overview of some of the features that we love so much, along with a helpful user guide if you’ve decided to take the plunge yourself.


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